Sydney Woodfire Oven Kits

Sydney Woodfire Ovens produce some of the best wood fired ovens on the market today

Sydney Woodfire Oven kits are made from premium quality components, made in Australia, that are designed to last for years in Australia’s tough conditions.

All components required to build the oven of your choice are included in the kit that we will deliver right to your door anywhere in Queensland.

The kit includes complete instructions and we are available seven days a week to give you support and advice.

The only item you need to add is a stand and suitable stands are available from Bunnings.

diagram of a Sydney Woodfire Ovens kit

What’s in the kit?

  • Ceramic Smooth Cooking Floor, 4 Pieces
  • 4 ‘Extra Thick’ Dome Pieces
  • Flue Manifold
  • Collar with Sandstone Key Feature
  • Stainless Steel Door
  • Stainless Steel Flue
  • Stainless Steel Hat
  • Thermal Blanket for maximum heat retention & efficiency
  • Furnace Cement
  • Chicken Wire
  • Instructions
  • After Sales Service Back Up
  • 3 year warranty on our castable products that are installed to our specifications
A wood fired oven made from a Sydney Woodfire Ovens kit

Three models to choose from

Bella 800
This oven is ideal for smaller families or restricted spaces.

It comfortably holds 2 x 12″ pizzas and needs a base of 1250mm x 1150mm

More Information

Bella 800 Brochure

Bella 800 corner base plan

Bella 800 square base plan

Sienna 1000
This oven can cater for small gatherings right up to large family functions.

It comfortably holds 4 to 5 12″ pizzas and needs a base of 1450mm x 1350mm

More information

Sienna 1000 brochure

Sienna 1000 corner base plan

Sienna 1000 square base plan

Juliette 1200
This oven is best suited for those who entertain larger family functions and gatherings.

It comfortably holds 6 – 7 12-inch pizzas and needs a base of 1600mm x 1850mm

More information

Juliette 1200 brochure

Juliette 1200 corner base plan

Juliette 1200 square base plan

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