Commercial Wood Fired Ovens

You can have that wonderful wood fired flavour in your cafe or restaurant too

We can custom build or supply a complete kit to suit and commercial situation from the smallest oven to the largest. Our supplier, Sydney Wood Fired Ovens has built one of the largest wood fired ovens in the world so no situation is too big for us.

Built to last and built for your situation

All our ovens are manufactured from premium quality raw materials and the high strength refractory cement is designed to suit Australian conditions. Everything that goes into our commercial wood fired ovens is made right here in Australia so you know it’s going to last.

The right finish for your decor

The finish on your commercial wood fired oven can be designed to fit in with its surroundings with either a paint or mosaic finish.

Of course you could opt for one of the smaller wood fired ovens that we supply for domestic use but they are not built to handle commercial situations so before you order discuss your needs with us and let us give you the custom designed wood fired oven that will deliver the outcomes you want.

Call 0421 775 090 today a wood fired ovens to work for you.