Commercial Wood Fired Ovens

Bring that great wood fired taste to the menu at your cafe or restaurant

The taste of food cooked in a wood fired oven is unique and it can be a major attraction for many diners

Your diners will come back for more and they’ll tell their friends and that will grow your bottom line.

Four great reasons to have a wood fired oven in your cafe or restaurant

  • The food cooks faster than in a conventional oven.

  • Your customers will love the great wood fired taste

  • A wood fired oven will add to the look and feel of your cafe or restaurant. It can be a clearly visible point of difference between you and your competitors.

  • Your wood fired oven will last for many years and it requires almost no maintenance.

A commercial wood fired oven installed in a bar/cafe by Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens

Custom built for your location

All our commercial wood fired ovens are custom built to fit your cafe or restaurant and our experienced team have handled custom installations in large and small establishments.

The finish on your commercial wood fired oven can also be designed to fit its surroundings with a paint/colour of your choice or a mosaic finish.

Built to last

All our ovens are manufactured from premium quality raw materials and the high-strength refractory cement is designed to handle Australian conditions.

Everything that goes into our commercial wood fired ovens is made right here in Australia so you know it’s going to last.

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