Trailer Ovens

Start your own catering business and take the wood fired oven flavour to the world with a trailer-mounted oven.

You don’t have to bring the world to your house to sample your wood fired oven cooking because now you can take the oven to the world … or a sporting event … a campsite … a major family gathering … and have your own small business catering for big or small groups

It’s all too easy when you buy a ready-built trailer mounted wood-fired oven from us.

We build them tough so you know that they are going to handle all the tough conditions that you can throw at them.

You can tow one of our trailer ovens behind your car, ute or truck.

Our trailer ovens are built on sturdy box trailers so you don’t need any special licence to tow one of these units.

You get the trailer oven that’s right for you because we listen to your requirements before we start building your unit.

Tell us what you want to do with your trailer oven and where you want to take it and we’ll deliver a unit that will deliver the outcomes you want.

The ideal solution to make you money

It’s so simnple to turn the wood fired taste experience into a business with one of our trailer mounted units.

With one of our trailer mounted wood fired ovens you can go where there is money to be made.

Call 0421 775 090 and discover how easy it is to turn the wood fired flavour into a money in your pocket.

wood fired oven trailers are a great way to make money