Complete Wood Fired Ovens

complete-wood-fired-ovens-sAdd unique flavours to your cooking

You can cook and add flavour to just about anything in a wood fired oven and owning one has never been easier.

When you deal with Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens you’re dealing with a supplier who listens to you … supplies a quality product … and takes all the headaches out of buying and installing a wood fired oven.

If you live in Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Gympie, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay and all points west and you want the wood fired oven that money can buy then you need to talk to us!

Standard or custom designs to suit your unique situation.

We have standard base designs that can fit into any entertainment area and we come to you and build it right where it’s going to go. Our designs will work indoors or outdoors and they can withstand whatever the weather might throw at it.

If you need something more than one of our standard designs then we can work with you to custom design a wood fired oven for your particular needs. We can even design and build a complete entertainment area using turning your thoughts and ideas into something that you will be proud of.

We work with you to achieve the outcome that you want.

We provide support right from planning to years down the track.

You can also have a wood fired oven that you can move around to wherever is most convenient so you never have to be far away from your family or guests when you’re cooking.

This means that you can store it in your garage when not in use and wheel it out when you want to enjoy the great flavours that only a wood fired oven can give. It’s the ideal solution if space is an issue

You can buy our unique trolley ovens on a complete stainless steel frame or on a standard steel frame that you can complete to your own requirements. Either choice will give you a wood fired oven that is easy to move … easy to use … and will last for many years.

We build your oven on site at a price that will amaze you.

We understand that you will have a budget that you want your wood fired oven project to fit into and so we will work with you to fit a wood fired oven into your budget and we continue to support you long after the job is completed so you won’t be left on your own if problems should arise.

We come to you and build on site. We clean up the mess and leave you with a wood fired oven that will last you for years.

Call us today on 0421 775 090 and discover how easy it is to have a wood fired oven at your place!

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