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Let Fraser Coast Wood Fire Ovens bring the luxury of an indoor or outdoor wood fired oven to your home.

See how a complete wood fired oven would fit into your home

We do the hard work.

DIY Wood Fired Oven Kits

“I did it myself.”

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Weddings, birthdays, functions

Imagine the taste of succulent lamb, beef or chicken cooked in your own wood fired oven. Think of the gourmet pizzas and other exotic food that you could create for your friends, neighbours and family.

It’s all possible with your own wood fire oven from Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens.

How easy is it to have your very own wood fired oven? Too easy!

It takes just 5 simple steps to get it all happening at your home or office.

  • Call Fraser Coast Wood Fire Ovens on 0421 775 090

  • Choose between having us install the oven or DIY – all our DIY kits come with everything you need to complete the job,.

  • We supply and install your choice of the very popular Australian Alfresco Wood Fired Ovens or Sydney Wood Fired Ovens brands.

  • Set a date for delivery of your DIY kit or for the installation work to commence.

  • Sit back and enjoy your food with that gourmet taste that only comes with  a genuine wood-fired oven.

Another stunning wood fired oven installed by Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens

It’s that easy to have the unique wood fired oven taste in everything you cook and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Call 0421 775 090 today and enjoy life and food as it was meant to be enjoyed.

stunning indoor setting for a new Alfresco Wildfire oven