DIY Oven Kits

kits-for-wood-fired-ovensBuilding your own wood fired oven has never been easier!

We supply the oven and full instructions, all you have to add is the water.

You don’t have to be a master craftsman to build one of our wood fired oven kits and you don’t have to spend hours sourcing the materials either. You get everything you need … including easy-to-follow instructions and 24/7 support … when you purchase one of our wood fired oven kits.

When you’ve finished you can sit back and enjoy cooking just about anything you could think of in your wood fired oven and everything you do cook will have that mouth-watering flavour that only a wood fired oven can give it.

We use quality parts so your wood fired oven will last for years.

A wide range to choose from
You can choose from a wide range of wood fired oven kits with three domestic sizes and a variety of render colours available. You will find a colour chart and a list of oven sizes and cut-away diagram of the wood fired ovens that we supply as a PDF download via the links in the column on the right.

Our ovens are suitable for installation outdoors or inside and you will always get top quality inclusions that will last for years. When it comes to durability and quality there’s no better choice that an Alfresco Wood Fired oven supplied by Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens.

The wood fired oven kits that we supply can be built on a permanent base … on a steel frame … or even on a steel frame mounted on castors so that you can move the oven out of covered storage whenever you want to use it.

Discover our unbeatable on quality, service and ongoing support!

woodfired-oven-kit-componentsA list of the kit components that you see displayed here is available as as a PDF download.

Click this link for the PDF download and click the image for a bigger picture that will clearly show you the components in our kits.

As you can see from the small number of parts, assembly is not complicated and if you follow the instructions you will achieve the outcome you want.

Those parts include high quality Australian made refractory domes that can handle the heat and will never crack … a granite stone entrance and a front dome that comes pre-painted in heat resistant paint.

Our competition want to sell you refractory domes that fail under normal usage but we insist on giving you the best because we know that a wood fired oven from Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens will last for years.

You can have your wood fired oven kit delivered right to your door anywhere in Queensland

Need someone to install it for you?
If you’re too busy or just lack the confidence to build one of our simple wood fired oven kits yourself then we can do it for you. Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens has been installing complete wood fired ovens all over the Fraser Coast and we can do it for you too.

Our qualified installers can have your wood fired oven set up and operating in no time at all and that means less hassle for you … and we always clean up after the installation so there’s no mess and no cleaning for you to worry about.

Popularity Plus
You’ll become the most popular person in the neighbourhood and in your extended family when you have your own wood fired oven … everyone will want to be your friend and sample your cooking.

We supply everything you need to build a wood fired oven that will last for years and years.

Call us today on 0421 775 090 and discover how easy it is to have a wood fired oven at your place!