Wood Fired Oven Kits

All of our wood fired oven kits come complete with all parts and fittings and include detailed instructions.

We are always available for telephone support 7 days a week during business hours.

Each DIY wood fired oven kit includes:

1 – Pre-cast steel reinforced refractory inner dome

2 – Pre-cast steel reinforced refractory entrance.

3 – Pre-cut heavy duty refractory floor bricks

4 – 1200C ceramic fibre blanket

5 – Pre-mixed renders

6 – Stainless Steel (Original / granite (Courtyard & Midi) entrance plate

7 – Stainless Steel flue and cap

8 – Steel (Courtyard & Midi) or Stainless Steel (Original) door with thermometer

9 – Stainless Steel pizza paddle and steel wood poker

10 – Easy to follow instructions

contents of a Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens DIY kit

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A wood fired oven with a view