Alfresco Wood Fired Oven Kits

You can build your own wood fired oven with an Alfresco kit from Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens

You don’t need to be a master-craftsman to build your own Alfresco Wood Fired Oven.

When you buy an Alfresco wood fired oven kit from Fraser Coast Wood Fired Ovens you get everything you need to complete your oven.

Everything you see in the kit below is included in the kit that is delivered to you and the kit comes with complete instructions.

And everything you see in the kit below are the same components that go into the Alfresco pre-assembled ovens so you know you are getting components made to commercial standards.

But we don’t leave you with a pile of bits and pages of instructions. When you need help we are just a phone call away seven days a week.

A kit built Alfresco wood fired oven built into a more formal outdoor entertaining area

Each Afresco DIY wood fired oven kit includes:

1 – Pre-cast steel reinforced refractory inner dome

2 – Pre-cast steel reinforced refractory entrance.

3 – Pre-cut heavy duty refractory floor bricks

4 – 1200C ceramic fibre blanket

5 – Pre-mixed renders

6 – Stainless Steel (Original / granite (Courtyard & Midi) entrance plate

7 – Stainless Steel flue and cap

8 – Steel (Courtyard & Midi) or Stainless Steel (Original) door with thermometer

9 – Stainless Steel pizza paddle and steel wood poker

10 – Easy to follow instructions

All the kit parts that come in an Alfresco wood fired oven kit

Oven Sizes

Courtyard Oven
This oven is designed for smaller entertaining areas and easily meets the needs of a small family.

The internal space allows for 2 pizzas or 2 roasting trays.

Overall size

950mm wide

1050mm tall

Cooking area

700mm wide

900mm deep

More information
Traditional Courtyard oven specification diagram

Wildfire Courtyard specification diagram

Midi Oven
This oven is a perfect fit between the Courtyard model and the Original model.

The internal cooking area allows for 3 pizzas or 3 roasting trays.

Overall size

1100mm wide

1200mm tall

Cooking area

830mm wide

1050mm deep

More information
Traditional Midi oven specification diagram

Wildfire Midi oven specification diagram

Original Oven
This is the largest Alfresco domestic oven. It’s ideal for large families and social functions

The internal space allows for up to 6 pizzas or 4 roasting trays.

Overall size

1400mm wide

1500mm tall

Cooking area

1050mm wide

1300mm deep

More information
Traditional Original oven specification diagram

Wildfire Original specification diagram

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